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Property Preservation Services

We understand the importance of getting a property into a sellable condition and keeping it that way. We work closely with several banks and property preservation companies across St. Louis and St. Charles County. With reputable references available, you can rest assured that the professionals at Pezz Lawn Care will get the job done efficiently, with care, and at an affordable price.
We will perform the necessary lawn maintenance for the property’s appearance, prevent further degradation to the grounds and relieve the property of any existing or potential violation of local ordinance. Lawn maintenance includes mowing the lawn, weeding, edge trimming, sweeping of all paved areas (sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc.) and removal of all lawn clippings, related cuttings and incidental debris. The disposal of all clippings and incidental debris is removed in compliance with jurisdictional requirements.
Our experts will preserve not only your lawn, but your pockets and your piece of mind by our quality of work.