Spring & Fall Cleanup

The fall and spring time can both be a little overwhelming to a property owner as there is so much to do for your landscape. We provide leaf removal services and other property clean-up services for the fall. By removing those unsightly, dead leaves, you will be able to better enjoy your landscape during the winter months. Moreover by removing the dead leaves, your hardscapes, driveway, and walkways will need fewer cleanings as they will have less dirt and stains that would have been caused by the decaying leaves.
  • Leaf removal and composting
  • Protecting perennial plants, trees, and flowers
  • Late-season weed control
  • Mulching
  • Fertilizing lawn and other softscape features
  • Pruning trees and shrubs
  • General cleanup of organic debris
  • Lawn mowing and maintenance
  • Planting new softscape such as annual plants and flowers
  • Pruning and trimming for ideal summer growth
  • Cleaning flower beds and garden debris
  • Redefining borders
  • Updating and realigning edging
  • Reseeding bare spots and thinned areas of grass
  • Aeration to help with thatch and soil compaction
  • Clearing away organic debris like old leaves and branches
As with fall, we also provide special spring time property clean-up services. We can remove all of the fallen tree limbs, other debris, and dead plants that were the result of harsh winter conditions. We can get your lawn, trees, shrubbery, and plantings in shape and ready for the new growing season.

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